What is Sweet Istria

Sweet Istria, the international festival of desserts and sweet products, is the largest event of this kind in Slovenia. It is a way of preserving and protecting the art of our ancestors, introducing modern and creative innovations in the confectionery industry and an opportunity to discover the typical sweets of the world.

The "sweet streets" in Koper (on case of bad waeather in the tent on Anton Ukmar Square and in the Taverna) guide the visitors and offer them  a chance to discover, taste and buy sweet products from Slovenian Istria, Slovenia and the world.

Participants present a series of sweet products that visitors can taste in return for tasting coupons and buy in larger quantities to take home.

Sweet Istria offers the visitors an opportunity to attend various workshops and conferences, enjoy the rich cultural program or participate in many other activities. The technically most important part of the festival are the three sweet contests for the Most original dessert of Istria, Muscat of Sweet Istria and the Best cake of Sweet Istria. The already traditional Ex tempore of Sweet Istria is also part of the festival.

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